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Accompanying the children of the hills in their primary and secondary studies is part of our social commitment since 2008. Our main objective is to provide school supplies to children who study in state schools. Despite the difficulties involved in holding an event of this magnitude in the current circumstances, our 2022 Annual Campaign for BACKPACK DONATION was carried out successfully.

This year our Annual Backpack Campaign celebrated 13 years of supporting the education of many kids from North Lima. Throughout all the years, the President of RCF had the joy of visiting different locations of Northern Lima with the help of the Coordinators of different Shanty Towns and “Glasses of Milk””, located in the high part of Mountain La Milla Mountain and surroundings areas, this year Dr. Rottkamp delivered these backpacks at the country club " LAS RETAMAS” on a sunny and fun day where the children and mothers invited were given the transportation service of two buses, tickets to the club, lunch boxes and lunch. The delivery of backpacks and supplies was made to the children who live in the human settlements of the upper part of Cerro la Milla and its surroundings. The delivery was made in coordination with the coordinators of the Glass of Milk “Mujeres Emprendedoras” and “Santa Rosa II”.