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As part of the promotion of International Cooperation, during the month of November, 2008, meetings were held with the Collective French ONG "Collectif Independence Pérou" from the city of Grenoble France. Visits were made to different medical centers where project have been developed to improve the medical services for children and adolescents.

Dr. Rottkamp volunteering with Healing the Children in Neiva-Colombia. (June, 2008)


Through the OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION, RCF initiated a trip in August and September of 2008, to investigate other ONGs and develop alliances helping children in the countries of Japan and Thailand

In Thailand, hospitals, schools and orphanages were visited to evaluate issues children are experiencing. It was discovered that their problems are very similar to those experienced by the poorest children of Lima, Peru. In this trip, clothes and food were delivered to the orphanages.

In Japan, RCF met with representatives of the NGO "Ant – Hiroshima", to promote activities and projects related to promoting Peace. The first project is the Annual Art Exhibition called ART PARTY with the participation of children from different countries around the world.